Notice For End Semester Examination

Construction Technology

Department of Technicals

B.Voc in Construction Technology or Bachelor of Vocation in Construction Technology is an Under-Graduate Architecture Science and Technology course. The Bachelor of Vocation programme in Construction Technology delivers courses in construction science covering the commercial, heavy civil, and residential fields.

The study will help you find out about development materials and green structure strategies utilizing readings, hands-on research center activities, 3-D models, and site visits. Construction Management courses in evaluating; BIM, booking, security, place of work the board, and soil testing are additionally given.

Key Feature

  • The B.Voc degree prepares candidates for roles in management functions such as estimating, project management, and scheduling.
  • Students learn the basic engineering principles and technical skills necessary to assist engineers and other professionals supervisor in the construction of buildings and other structures.
  • The course is advantageous to prepare graduates for future roles in managing people, materials, equipment, technological processes, and funds in the building, construction, and maintenance of buildings and assets in the civil infrastructure.
  • Students can also go for further research studies as soon as they complete this course.