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Dialysis Technology

Departmant of Paramedical

The three-year graduate programme provides candidates with the opportunity to study the principles of Dialysis, fluid and electrolyte balance, basic medical science of the kidney, hematologic aspects, infectious diseases, dialysis systems and equipment, vascular access to the circulation, blood chemistry, complications of renal failure, psycho-social aspects and an overview of peritoneal dialysis and renal transplantation.

Dialysis technicians are medical employees who clean the blood of metabolic waste products by the process of hemodialysis do Hemodialysis, maintain and operate the equipment used for dialysis.

Key Feature

  • Graduates can expect to be employed in hospitals and private nursing homes to practice as Dialysis Therapists.
  • A career in research, following the completion of a higher degree such as a Ph.D., is an option chosen by some graduates.
  • Graduate students are eligible for employment overseas where their training, qualifications, and experience are highly regarded.