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Departmant of Paramedical

B.Voc Physiotherapy or Bachelor of Vocational Education in Physiotherapy is a 3-year Under-Graduate degree course that is further divided into 6 semesters. A physiotherapy graduate heal patients by helping them boost their physical movement.

The B.Voc Physiotherapy course teaches students how to treat people who are disabled or injured in order to recover full operation and movement. It is both a healing and prevention-focused course and requires in-depth anatomical and rheumatological knowledge. Bachelor of Vocational Education in Physiotherapy course generally covers subjects like Massage, Medication, Exercise, and Stretching.

Key Feature

  • For science students who want to work in the medical field, physiotherapy is a high-paying career choice. Physiotherapists' starting pay differs depending on where they work. In this specialty, a good physiotherapist with logical knowledge and experience will earn a good living.
  • Due to post-Covid recovery needs, a longer working population, increasing numbers of people with multiple long-term illnesses, population growth, and improved survival rates following stroke, trauma, and cancer, there is a raising need for physiotherapy.
  • With the development of various fitness and wellness centers and health centers, the future prospects of a career in physiotherapy seem really positive.