Notice For End Semester Examination


The University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched a scheme on skills development based on higher education as part of college/university education, leading to Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) Degree with multiple exits such as Diploma/Advanced Diploma under the NSQF. The B.Voc. programme is focused on universities and colleges providing undergraduate studies which would also incorporate specific job roles and their NOSs along with broad based general education. This would enable the graduates completing B.Voc. to make a meaningful participation in accelerating India’s economy by gaining appropriate employment, becoming entrepreneurs and creating appropriate knowledge.

NSQF has adopted a very holistic approach in designing the credit framework primarily aimed at promoting lateral and vertical mobility, beauty lies in a pre-defined entry and multiple exit points. It is an effort to bridge the gap between certificate and Diploma level and between Diploma and Degree levels by allowing for mobility from one to the other. It also provides an opportunity to Diploma holders to pursue graduation in vocational education and graduates to further pursue post-graduation using the previously earned credits, Overall this credit system helps improving the employability of our certificate, Diploma and Degree holders and provide a framework for lifelong learning through flexible credit transfers and Community College like institutions, within the framework of higher education institutions.