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Electrical Technology

Department of Technicals

In an electrical mechanic technology vocational diploma programme, candidates learn through classes and hands-on training in institute labs. These vocational programs take two semesters to complete and can be specialized in multiple specific career fields, such as electrician, and construction.

A diploma programme is just not sufficient for licensing as an electrician, which every state requires. Most electricians get trained through apprenticeship programmes lasting a few years. A vocational diploma is not required to enter an apprenticeship programme

Key Feature

  • Vocational courses in Electrical Technology Skills are the study about maintenance of Electrical equipment used and set up by the industries.
  • With the help of this vocational course, the students will get the working knowledge of Installation as well as Commissioning of Industrial equipment like Servo Voltage Stabiliser, UPS, Industrial Battery Charger, etc.
  • Students will also acquire knowledge of component identification and safety, the study of the layout of wirings, and precautionary measures while handling high voltage equipment, energy conservation, audit, etc.